Letter to the editors

Our letter to the editor appeared in this week’s (13 September) Leamington Courier and Leamington Observer newspapers. The text of the letter is below.

Dear editor,
I am delighted that Chris White MP opposes the gagging bill, and has supported such worthwhile ventures in Leamington as the Friends of Victoria Park, who are campaigning to stop their green spaces being turned into car parks whenever it suits the council. I was even more pleased when I read in the Courier (5 September) that he listened to the views of his constituents and voted against his own government in the push for war with Syria. Chris White is to be applauded for these actions. The only question now is, who is going to stop his government’s war on the poor and disabled and ordinary working people of this country? Given that all of the main political parties support this government’s so-called ‘austerity‘ drive, that is an important question. Nearly 10,000 people have signed an appeal to launch a new party dedicated to ending this war, and, on 30 November, that new party will be founded in London. Leamington residents are invited to get involved in the discussion and the process and the policy-making of this new party. Please email leamingtonspa@leftunity.org.

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