Next meeting at Leamington LAMP


Our next meeting is this Thursday, 3 October, at 7.30pm at Leamington LAMP – a wonderful venue which you find by clicking here.  The bar will be open! Agenda below. Please do come, our past meetings have been very friendly and lively. We look forward to meeting you.



Minutes of previous meeting

 Matters arising

  1. Founding conference – travel arrangements, becoming a member, etc
  2. Bedroom tax campaign and protests
  3. Spirit of ’45 showing at LAMP on 8 November
  4. Left Unity policy conference/Demonstration in Manchester

Possible items for discussion – for the founding conference

  1. What kind of party do we want? Continuing the ‘platform’ discussion – what should be the party’s aims?
  2.  National campaigning priorities. Interesting starting point for discussion here:
  3. Policy on elections.
  4. Internal democratic structures and election procedures. I (Stuart) have seen some of the drafts of the proposed constitutions and am happy to leave the work to those doing it. If anyone wants to get more involved or bring a discussion of it to branch, you can see the work going on at the link below (you’ll need to register and sign in):


We have £10 from last time and have now a free venue. So, bank account and treasurer?



11 October: Deadline for submission of statements, resolutions, etc, for founding conference. See below for what will be decided at the founding conference.

16 October: All statements and resolutions and so on will be circulated to local groups for discussion, amendment and compositing.

19 October. London: NCG. Ally is our delegate.

8 November. Spirit of ’45 showing at Leamington LAMP, 7.30pm, free entry.

16 November: Deadline for submission of amendments.

22 November: Statements, resolutions and amendments circulated to local groups.

30 November. London: Left Unity founding conference.

December: Regional Christmas meet-up and social? Date to be confirmed.


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