Letter to the press – the bedroom tax


This week I, like I suspect many other Leamington residents, received an “annual report” through my letterbox from Warwick and Leamington MP Chris White. In it, he assures us that he has been working hard on behalf of local residents, to make our area “an even better place to live and work”. He has also, he tells us, been championing local charities. It makes perfect sense that he should do so given that the policies he supports are expressly designed to leave very many of us at the mercy of charities before many more months are out.

White somehow forgets to tell us in his report that he supports the government’s policy on the bedroom tax and voted against a recent Labour party attempt to repeal the policy. It is well known that White’s tax is forcing some of this country’s poorest and most vulnerable people to go hungry and pushing them to the brink of suicide – a report by the United Nations told us so recently even if we hadn’t already heard from about it from our friends or the press. David Cameron, the leader of White’s party, has repeatedly claimed that disabled people are exempt from the tax – which is a lie, according to the bosses of 18 major charities.

Leamington will not be spared the consequences of this. More than 800 people in the area have already had their benefits slashed due to the tax, according to data received in a Freedom of Information request by Left Unity Leamington Spa. I hope that if any of these people are forced into destitution or homelessness that they find the help they need from the charities Chris White is good enough to support.


UN report on the bedroom tax: 


Charity bosses challenge Cameron on bedroom tax:


Leamington residents affected by the tax:



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