Brief meeting report

BiE25IYIcAANLddOn 6 March, we had a meeting at Gaia, five people present (Stuart, Lynn, Ally, Mary-Ann, Pauline). Numbers were slightly down as our members were supporting a People’s Assembly meeting in Coventry. We admired our new banner and logo-ed table cloth (pictured), as, subsequently, did the left Twitter and blogosphere. We had a comradely debate about many issues, ranging from the situation in the Ukraine to what exactly we wanted from a socialist party, in the near and long term. We unanimously supported the idea of a citizen’s (or basic) income, and to that end moved the following amendment to the economic policy commission document to be discussed at conference:

“Delete all at point 40, and replace with:
“40. Unconditional basic income. We will introduce a universal, non-withdrawable, basic income, paid without condition to every individual, regardless of ability or willingness to work. This will replace most existing social security payments, and will be at a level sufficient to ensure that every individual can meet his or her needs, and give the poorest a higher income than under current benefits arrangements.”
Next meeting: watch this space.
PS: On the Sunday, a few of us went to see Attila the Stockbroker at LAMP. He was brilliant. Go see him next time he plays. And support LAMP!


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2 responses to “Brief meeting report


    I covet your banner…in a socialist way! Well done,
    Alan Story LU Notinghamshire

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