Let’s hear more from the parsnips than the land barons

A letter to the Leamington Observer from Left Unity Leamington members…

Dear Editor,

Chris White chillaxing at the Peace Festival… Chris White pontificating on history in his own column…  Chris White hobnobbing with his chums from the political and business elite (two stories)… by the time we got to page nine of this week’s Observer, we had to turn to the front page to make sure we hadn’t picked up a party political broadcast by the Conservative Party by mistake! No doubt, in the interests of balance, we will be seeing reports in the next few issues on what Left Unity, the Green Party, the People’s Assembly, Keep Our NHS Public, Hope Not Hate, and other political groups and campaigns are up to. We shall tell them to expect a call from the Observer very soon.
As for Chris White’s many many words, which he is lucky to be able regularly to broadcast for free to Leamington’s residents, we shall limit ourselves to one comment. In his Westminster Diary, White celebrates Magna Carta, and claims it embedded important values in British culture. He’s right – Magna Carta was all about limiting the power of the monarch and instead transferring power to… the feudal land barons. As comedian Charlie Brooker put it recently, the serfs got no more rights out of it than your average parsnip. Today, those “British values” are intact. The land barons sit in the Cabinet, ruled by Chris White’s party. And the serfs? They are hungry, and queuing up in ever larger numbers at Leamington’s food banks – as the report in the first issue of Leamington Spark reveals. British values indeed – but there are other values. In future issues of the Observer, could we perhaps hear more from the parsnips than from the land barons?
Yours sincerely,
Stuart Watkins and Lynn Wright



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