Minutes of the 10th meeting, 23 January 2014

Present: Ally, Lynne, Mary-Anne, Pauline, Pete, Stu, Tim & Tom

  • Apologises: Roger, Skippy
  • Minutes of 9th meeting circulated
  • Election of Chair: Ally
  • Election of Minute Taker: Tim

Matters arising: Nil

Agenda items:

  1. 1.     Bed Tax & Other Campaigning

–       Praise for Tim & Skippy from Ally for campaign August 10th – January 25th

–       Pauline suggested petition to be actioned

–       Suggested Crown Way Lillington for future protest/petition signing

–       KONP consensus to keep as monthly protest outside Town Hall. Next protest Saturday February 15th outside Town Hall

–       Lynne & Mary-Anne idea to create banner and bunting using Left Unity colours (red, black & green) to be done by March

–       Petty cash to be used with authority from Treasurer

–       Food bank general agreement to show solidarity with people seeking vouchers using churches (e.g. St. Paul’s & St. Peters). Rationing back in fashion!


  1. 2.     Film Nights

–       Social aspect to meet independently outside meeting

–       Ally, Stu & Tim suggested a variety of films (e.g. If & Days of Hope)

–       Point made to contact Jim from underground cinema to show films on a monthly basis if possible


  1. 3.     News Sheet

–       Stu gave his personal visual ideas of a “News Letter” to include “Aunty Unity” column

–       Also “Citizen Skip” style rant & jokes section

–       Design to be finalised


  1. 4.     Banner Bunting Workshops

–       See point in section 1

  1. 5.     National Left Unity Matters

–       Minutes from previous meeting available online & on paper

–       Delegates for next national council meeting (8th February). Ally elected.

–       Volunteers for regional Rep (2 delegates, 1 person must be female). Letter has been circulated for West Midlands Rep

–       Lynne (female elected) & Stuart (male elected), Tim & Pauline also expressed interest in the posts

–       Economic Policy Commission meeting petition (1st March, London). Up for discussion The Universal Basic Income

–       LU National Policy members conference (29th March, London, 11am – 4pm)

–       Further Policy Conference (June 2014). Timetable available


  1. 6.     Safe Spaces Policy

–       Literature handed out regarding policy


  1. 7.     Hope Not Hate Meeting

–       A-F & A-R. Thursday 6th February at 7pm onwards at The Lamp, Leamington


–       Party for Palestine, meal (24th January St. Patrick’s). Group Loco Mundi

–       Anti Amazon protest (Friday 28th February, Holborn Viaduct)

–       UCG, area earmarked for exploration (South Warwickshire)

–       Café de Scientific, Green Campaigner, against food poverty (4 million people in the UK go without food everyday)



Meeting finished 9:12 pm

Collection for Treasurer: £9.21 collected                              Running Total: £76.22


Next agreed meeting: 11th meeting. Gaia, 7:30pm, Thursday 6th February


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