Minutes of the 11th meeting, 6 February 2014

7.30pm, at Gaia – thanks to Gaia for the use of their room!


Ally, David, Gavin, Kate, Lynn, Mary-Ann, Pauline, Pete, Skip, Stuart, Tim, Tom.


Roger, Phil, Aditya.

Minutes of previous meeting:

Accepted as amended (both Lynn and Stuart voted as regional reps, Ally as delegate to next TNC meeting, report of film night details changed).

Matters arising:

Transitional National Council meeting:

No agenda circulated as yet – part of the reason we were meeting. Our delegate (Ally) asked to raise the matter at the meeting.

Resolutions for Policy Conference:

Agreed to wait and see what was proposed and discuss at next formal meeting.

Nominations for elected positions:

Stuart and Pauline nominated Ally for the elected portion of the National Council. Nomination agreed unanimously. Stuart to inform the relevant people of this.


All records now up to date and subs payments agreed. If you would like to join and haven’t yet, please go to:


Campaigning materials:

Agreed to print Pauline’s leaflet – Lynn to organise.

Stuart to order copies of national Left Unity campaigning materials.

Stuart to continue work on our newssheet. (If you are interested in contributing or advertising or plugging a meeting or event, email stuartrag@yahoo.co.uk.)

Banners and table bunting on the way thanks to Mary-Ann and Lynn.

Film nights:

Ongoing, details to be announced.


Please support the stall campaigning against the privatisation of the NHS outside Leamington townhall this Saturday from 12pm.

Please support the campaign to stop Victoria Park being turned into a car park every summer. Details previously circulated by email and now on our blog (see link in Twitter feed).

Petition against charging for library entry: Tim to bring more details along to next meeting.

We also had a general discussion about campaigning priorities and general political matters.

Next meetings:

Informal discussion and drinks: 20 February. Details to be confirmed.

Formal meeting to discuss conference business and so on: 6 March. Details to be confirmed.


£21.76. £60 (£58 plus £2 donation) owed by Stuart transferred to Treasurer. Total: £99.98.

Notes/Timetable of future events:

13 February: 7.30pm at LAMP, organising meeting of our local ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ group.

15 February: Stall campaigning against NHS privatisation – 12pm, Leamington town hall

20 February: Deadline for nominations for all national elected positions (from members and branches). Deadline for receipt of campaigning resolutions for

conference – can be submitted by members (with seconders) and/or branches.

20 February: Informal branch meeting in Leamington Spa

22 February: NHS campaigning meeting in Birmingham.

24 February: Conference resolutions sent to branches.

1 March: Economic Policy Commission meeting in London. Open to all members.

6 March: Those nominated accept or decline and submit their electoral statements. Formal branch meeting in Leamington Spa.

9 March: Attila the Stockbroker (comedian, performance poet) event at LAMP. Highly recommended!!

10 March: Deadline for amendments etc for conference.

10-24 March: Balloting of all members online or by post.

24 March: Publishing and distribution of conference material and report of Standing Orders Committee.

By 29 March: Results counted, checked and announced at conference

29 March. National Policy Conference in Manchester.



1. Any resolutions carried over from founding conference that have not already been dealt with by the Transitional National Council
2. Safe Spaces Policy
3. New campaigning resolutions submitted by members (with seconders) and branches
4. Policy commission resolutions subject to time available. Please note that there will be a further national policy conference, possibly in June, to discuss and agree further areas of policy.


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