Minutes of the 9th meeting, 8 January 2014

Minutes for the 9th meeting of Left Unity Leamington Spa, 8th January 2014 Hope and Anchor

Present: Ally, Mary- Ann, Pauline, Lynn, Stuart, Tom (new member)

Apologies: Roger, Skip, Pete, Tim

Meeting commenced 7.45

Chair: Ally

Agenda and minutes of last meeting circulated.

Welcome to Tom, new member.

Election of officers: Group Organiser: Stuart explained that he and Lynn had never been elected but had offered to take up the position. No one else came forward to offer so Stuart and Lynn said they would continue in the role for another year, when all positions would be up for review. There were no objections so appointment agreed.

Treasurer: Mary-Ann offered, there were no other offers and no objections appointment agreed.

Anyone wishing to challenge may do so at the next meeting.

Stuart asked permission to hold onto funds for literature and to purchase a banner. Discussion on the need to formalise the collection of funds and whether to set an amount or keep it as donations. It was agreed to keep as donations for now, but to review at future date.

Minutes of last meeting reviewed and agreed. Matters arising:

1.     Bedroom Tax Demo: Discussion on whether there should be a public meeting – most agreed this was unlikely to be very productive. It was suggested that there be a regular, possibly monthly, ‘occupation’ of the town hall instead.

2.     Film Nights: Suggestion made that there should be more of them because they are awareness raising and build good links with the community as well as being sociable. Stuart to organise ASAP

3.     News Sheet:  Stuart said the work on this is pretty much done by drawing on all of the literature the group has produced, he will put it together and organise printing.

4.     Banner:

A banner will be bought using some of the funds that have been collected so far, but the possibility of a making another through a workshop was discussed and people liked this idea. Anyone who has skills or ideas pertaining to this is invited to get in touch by email, it will also be discussed at the next meeting.

5.     National council Meeting in Birmingham Saturday January 11th, no one is able to attend so Stuart will send apologies.

6.     Feedback on Founding Conference – all amendments put forward by Leamington Branch were rejected. Ally spoke on the subject of gender quotas and felt that there was unfair criticism raised against his arguments, which were so vehemently expressed they didn’t allow for proper debate so he will be pursuing it further by raising it again at the next national conference. Other than that the general feeling was that it was a positive and successful conference that achieved a lot. There were between four hundred and five hundred people present and all ideas got a fair hearing, creating a genuinely democratic and positive atmosphere.

A.O.B. Try to get a bigger number of people to attend the next meeting which will be held on January 23rd at 7.30 pm. Venue to be confirmed.

Meeting closed at 8.40 pm

Collection: £9 making total funds of £67.01


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