Leamington Spark – out Saturday!


Leamington Spark, the new free radical news sheet, is now winging its way to the printers and will be available from next Saturday. Pick up your free copy at the Leamington Peace Festival. Contents in the first issue include:

1 Cover story A report on the rise of food banks in Leamington.

2 Editorial Welcome to Leamington Spark

3 NHS under attack It promised it wouldn’t, but our government is selling off the NHS to the highest bidder. Report on local campaigns, and an NHS mythbuster.

4 Bedroom tax Cruel tax starts to bite. 

The People’s Assembly An initiative to build a better democracy in Britain. A report from the Warwickshire branch.

Solidarity Staff and students link arms at Warwick University to oppose cuts and privatisation. A member of Warwick PPU reports.

UKIP The worrying rise of a far-right party – report by Hope Not Hate organiser Owen Jones.

Left Unity Leamingtonians help launch a new political party of the left. (See blog post below for preview of this report.)

Homelessness A homelessness worker in Warwickshire reports on a worsening situation for desperate people.

10 The Peace Festival You can’t put a price on it. By the Peace Festival committee.

11 Leam’s workers’ co-op Living proof that there is an alternative to ‘business as usual’, from a Gaia worker.

12 Radical bookshops Whatever happened to Leam’s? Memories from the owner of Leamington’s last radical bookshop.

13 Opinion Give everyone a basic income; the right to a home. Comment and opinion by Left Unity members.

14 Reviews Leamington Underground Cinema’s curator on a Dostoevsky classic; Attila the Stockbroker at Leamington LAMP.



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Left Unity Leamington in the Spark

LSOur write up in new radical news sheet Leamington Spark now available here. Come along to the peace festival next week to pick up your free copy.

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Upcoming events and Leamington Spark


For reasons unknown, our Upcoming Events feed (right) is broken, so here they are instead.

Keep Our NHS Public meeting. This Thursday. Details here.

Keep Our NHS Public stall. This Saturday. Details here.

Left Unity stall. This Saturday. From 11am, Leamington Old Town, High Street, under the railway bridge.

Leamington Peace Festival. 14 and 15 June. Details here. Keep an eye out for the ‘Keep Our NHS Public’ stall on the Saturday, and material from Coventry and Warwickshire People’s Assembly. Also look out on the official Peace Festival stalls for the first issue of Leamington Spark, a free radical news sheet, featuring articles by Left Unity Leamington members, and much more. You can get a sneak preview of the cover story here: Leamington Spark.

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The left vote

vote-left-unity-e1398363649719-150x150In the forthcoming elections, Left Unity will be standing candidates around the country (see here), but not in Leamington unfortunately. So, who to vote for? Here is a useful website to help you decide: click here.

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Universal basic income

In our branch meetings we have discussed the idea of a universal basic income quite a lot. Here is one of the best things I’ve read on it – thought it was worth sharing.

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Brief meeting report

BiE25IYIcAANLddOn 6 March, we had a meeting at Gaia, five people present (Stuart, Lynn, Ally, Mary-Ann, Pauline). Numbers were slightly down as our members were supporting a People’s Assembly meeting in Coventry. We admired our new banner and logo-ed table cloth (pictured), as, subsequently, did the left Twitter and blogosphere. We had a comradely debate about many issues, ranging from the situation in the Ukraine to what exactly we wanted from a socialist party, in the near and long term. We unanimously supported the idea of a citizen’s (or basic) income, and to that end moved the following amendment to the economic policy commission document to be discussed at conference:

“Delete all at point 40, and replace with:
“40. Unconditional basic income. We will introduce a universal, non-withdrawable, basic income, paid without condition to every individual, regardless of ability or willingness to work. This will replace most existing social security payments, and will be at a level sufficient to ensure that every individual can meet his or her needs, and give the poorest a higher income than under current benefits arrangements.”
Next meeting: watch this space.
PS: On the Sunday, a few of us went to see Attila the Stockbroker at LAMP. He was brilliant. Go see him next time he plays. And support LAMP!


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Meeting this Thursday

busy_pub_alcohol_drinkingWe are meeting this Thursday for informal drinks and chat at the Benjamin Satchwell pub in Leamington. From 7.30pm. We’re the ones with the leaflets. The pub is here. All welcome! For this and all future events, see also our events diary to the right of this blog.

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